LEAP Academy School Model

The LEAP Model emboldens academic excellence and community development through quality education, comprehensive health, and social, personal and professional development programs for inner city families and students, from cradle to college.

LEAP is built upon the belief that a quality education can enhance the career opportunities for African Americans and Latinos living in urban and vulnerable environments, while serving as a nexus for community and economic development in an inner city.

The LEAP Model is sustained by an urgent commitment to accountability for people, time, money, and programs, and the promise of college access and preparedness for all students from infancy through 12th grade.

  • Effective and targeted academic program that prepares students to enter and succeed in a college career.
  • Health and Wellness Center designed to improve the health and quality of life of its students, families and neighborhood residents. This center has a positive impact on school attendance, employability and productivity of adults.
  • A Parents Center that works daily with all families to facilitate engagement and provide support.
  • A focus on entrepreneurship, rigor and data driven instruction that integrate problem solving, analytical, research, applied experimentation, project-based learning, reflection, and active learning are at the core of the instructional program.
  • A commitment to community transformation by providing access and parity to community members and forging collaborative efforts that produce new knowledge and promote shared governance.
  • A commitment to nutrition and physical activity as essential elements for the development of children. LEAP operates five kitchens and every student receives breakfast and lunch. Our talented Chef and staff leads these efforts and provides nutritional awareness programs to all members of the school community.
  • LEAP educational facilities are modern, safe and conducive to learning. Safety and security personnel are present in every building at all times. Technology and instructional resources are provided at all facilities.

Pillars For Sustainability & Excellence

Student: Opportunity based curriculum. College access for all students. Structured extended learning time. Data driven instruction through assessment feedback.

Organization: Entrepreneurial governance. Sustainable educational pipelines. Systems of accountability.

Teacher: Performance based compensation. Teacher development opportunities.

Stakeholder: Parents engagement. Social/community alliances. Partnerships with institutions of higher education.