Our Structure

Our Structure

Structure of LEAP Academy and Rutgers-Camden Community Leadership Center

The Rutgers-Camden Community Leadership Center (CLC) provides organizational oversight to the LEAP Enterprise.  Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Rutgers Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor, serves as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and the Director of the CLC to oversee all operations of the LEAP Enterprise.  The CLC manages all aspects of LEAP, including the operations, finances, and instruction of all five school buildings and the Early Learning Research Academy (ELRA).  Additionally, it oversees the LEAP Centers of Excellence, Professional Development, Media and Communications, Board Management, and Alumni Relations.  The CLC also facilitates partnership development with universities, local businesses, and non-profit organizations to provide college access and Early College, internships, and career opportunities for LEAP students and families.

The CLC is the steward of the Rutgers Alfredo Santiago Endowed Scholarship Fund, which provides tuition assistance to LEAP graduates attending Rutgers University.  CLC staff works with Santiago Scholars to receive and maintain the scholarship throughout college.  The CLC also produces the annual Rutgers Alfredo Santiago Endowed Scholarship Gala, which honors distinguished corporate and civic leaders throughout the community who support LEAP Academy projects and initiatives.  Other scholarships in the CLC’s portfolio include the Peter J. Burke, Jr. Scholarship, the Morgan Endowed Funds for Early Learning, and the Sila Calderon Fellowship.

CLC Annual Report

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